The Posh Onesie!

The Posh Onesie!

Like everything, I’m probably a million days late with this… But a jumpsuit as sleepwear? I must
admit, the first day I got this, it did take a trip to the supermarket with me. I also must admit, I have been wearing it since the moment I stepped in from Uni this afternoon (people who don’t put their pyjamas on the moment they step through the door are a different breed).

The Loungesuit from “The Holiday’ collection is by far my favourite Wild Geese piece – it literally is, a posh onesie! And how sad is this, the thing I’m most excited for this weekend…. eating a full english breakfast, in my newest wardrobe addition, in the company of my boyfriend. The only thing I’m missing is the Cashmere ribbed ankle socks… Want!

My recent involvement with Wild Geese has got me thinking about what I wear to bed. When it comes to fashion in general I’m very inconsistent in what I wear, changing styles and clothes like mad. I can only assume that I have brought this to bed with me. I mean, what I wear in bed that is. One night I may just want to be left alone in my fluffy panda onesie that my mother bought me in Forever 21 before I started uni, with a cold damp student house in mind. But who’s to say I never ditch this and opt for a silky Victoria’s Secret piece – aiming to be a better version of myself (its bloody uncomfortable!). Finally, Wild Geese has come along with some middle ground, and honestly the most comfortable nights sleep.

Shop the Wild Geese Loungesuit from The Holiday collection

Wild Geese loves…

As a student at Brighton University I’ve fallen in love with this cool vibrant town. Here are a few of my favourite places.

Wild Geese takes on Brighton…

The Flour Pot Bakery

If you’re a fan of beautiful, clean, Scandi inspired interiors (exposed copper piping and all) as well as delicious homemade loaves, turned into incredible sandwiches and toasties (fresh pesto, brie and tomato being my number one) fresh cakes and all the teas in between – I can guarantee you’ll be a fan of The Flour Pot Bakery. Happy Hygge!

Magazine Brighton

There is nothing I enjoy more (and am happy to part pennies with) than the discovery of a new magazine. Be it about food, fashion, lifestyle, home decor or music. Rows and rows of collectable, non disposable inspiration.

With love from Olivia – Fashion student and Intern at Wild Geese x

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