About Us

At the heart of Wild Geese is a desire to create beautiful, comfortable, and stylish nightwear and loungewear for modern women. Our designs are unique and our fabrics and trims are handpicked with great love and care. We aim to create a collection of garments that compliment every part of your home life – our jersey and cotton pieces are perfect for slipping on after work or lounging around the house at the weekends and our satin and lace pieces offer something feminine and fun for nighttime.

We proudly design and manufacture all of our nightwear and loungewear in Great Britain –  this means that we can have greater input in the production process; we can support the revival of the manufacturing industry in Great Britain; and we can be assured that our carbon footprint is as light as possible.

A note from our owner...

“I studied fashion and after graduating worked in luxury goods retail in London but then made a career diversion in to HR and later banking.  I had remained passionate about the fashion industry though and I missed working in a creative environment surrounded by beautiful products.  Around Christmas 2014 I wanted to buy some nightwear and was looking for something modern, comfortable and feminine.  What I found was hooded onesies, cartoon prints, a lot of fleece, or at the opposite end of the spectrum, supposedly ‘sexy’ satin negligees.  I was pretty sure that if I couldn’t find anything that suited my needs then other women probably felt the same.  So, in September 2015, Wild Geese was born.

I get most of my inspiration from the beautiful places I’ve visited around the world and in London (my great love).  I love reading and watching films and my heart lies in the romance of books like The Great Gatsby and films like Roman Holiday.  So, you’ll notice that all of the Wild Geese collections are inspired by “my favourite things”…..which brings me to the inspiration for our name…….

……..“Wild Geese that fly with the moon on their wings……these are a few of my favourite things.”

I hope you love Wild Geese as much as I do.  I want you to enjoy our beautiful nightwear and loungewear and to have the best possible shopping experience.  If you have any comments or questions please email me at info@wildgeeselondon.com.

Lauren x

Wild Geese…….beautiful nightwear and loungewear created with love.